The Best Pizza Chains



The pizza chain wars have been going on for a long time with no real winner in sight. Everybody seems to have their own opinion about which of these pizza chains is really the best. Make up your mind on what you think is the best when you sample the best pizzas that these chain restaurants have to offer.

Pizza Hut
One of the better pizza chains, Pizza Hut has been in business for a long time because they know how to make a pizza. They have some of the best deals on pizzas and their thick, mouth-watering pan crust is some of the best crust in the business. If you’re looking for a classic, good chain pizza than you can’t really go wrong with Pizza Hut. There aren’t too many in the MN area anymore, they seem to be more spread out than I remember them as a kid, but you will surely recognize one when you see it thanks to its distinct red roof hut style.

I never really hated Domnino’s but I guess some people did because just recently the pizza chain has taken to the airwaves and twitter to talk about how they have overhauled their entire pizza recipe in response to their critics. It’s a bold PR move to admit that their pizza was crap, but that’s exactly what pkv domino qq has done. I’m not really sure what they have done to change their pizza but some people have been saying it is better and of course some say it is just as bad as it always was, or worse. I guess I’ll just have to try it myself.

Papa Johns
The new competitor to the arena, Papa Johns has made its mark in the pizza chain wars by hailing itself as a smaller, family operated pizza company that puts its own special touch to every pizza made. They also pride themselves on their fresher and better pizza ingredients that they are able to offer. Papa Johns pizza is easily comparable to some of the best chain pizza in the area and they have a lot of different delivery and pickup locations to choose from, so no matter where you are there is surely a Papa Johns not far away.


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